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Children (and adults) love their stay at Cheyenne Wilderness Retreat Farmstay where they can mingle with and learn all about how to care for the many and varied farm animals. Some of our most popular activities include:


- Milking the cow

- Feeding the pig and chooks

- Collecting eggs

- Roasting marshmallows

- Feeding poddy animals

- Hands on livelstock work

- Farm work in our Farm buggy or which has been knick named the "Beastie Buggy"


If you enjoy walking, you'll love Cheyenne Wilderness Retreat Farmstay. The views around the farm itself are spectacular. You can stroll for hours without crossing the boundary fence and there are many easy walks for legs old and young. There are various walks ranging from easy to hard, including a walk to an old Graphite mine.


During the warmer months, you can try your hand at yabbying in the yabby hole and dams. We have all of the equipment you'll need.


You can also go out and about around Walcha. There are the beautiful Apsley Falls, Walcha Dairy and there are many fun and quirky shops and cafes in Walcha itself.

Things to See & Do


Email: Phone: +61 02 6777 9172 Postal: "Cheyenne" 2770 Winterbourne Road, Walcha  NSW Australia 2354

Here at Cheyenne Wilderness Retreat Farmstay, we want to make your stay as memorable as possible. It is a place where you can come, stay and participate in our daily activities. If you are looking for a true Farm Stay experience, there is plenty to do. We keep the kids busy with our daily activities that are hands on and very interactive. We will include you in everyday farming activities like checking cattle and water on our farm. There is a fire pit which is a favourite for young and old and we always have plenty of marshmallows on hand to roast over the open flames.


Cheyenne Wilderness Retreat Farmstay is situated in a beautiful part of the Australian bush and our goal is to provide a unique holiday experience for you and your family in a magnificient part of the world. It is a must see for those who haven't experienced rural Australia. Our children are fifth generation to be on Cheyenne so we are very proud to be able to share this bit of paradise with our guests. Sue and Burgh Blomfield, the original founders of this very special Farmstay, are still very involved with the daily activities and are a wealth of knowledge and entertainment.

About Cheyenne