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By cheyenne, Jul 14 2015 03:45AM

We had a gorgeous family stay with us these school holidays with two of the most polite little girls I have met in a really long time. My daughter and one of their daughters are now pen friends and are organising a sleep over. Just precious!

"Thank you so much, to all of you, for a lovely week. We loved the animals, the most picturesque location, the great company, no mobile and no internet!! Fantastic!

Our daugther is going to miss her time with the animals so much and our other daughter is going to miss Gabby so much and we are going to miss feeling as if we are miles away from stress and responsibility.

Thank you for our lunch. Who could have hoped for a more perfect view and such great company.

A special thanks to Burgh for his tim and company. We learnt so much from him.

With fond memories and regards"

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